March FM Job of the Month

After being instructed by one of our property management clients to assess and quote to carry out works on a bathroom in a rented property in Stratford, the quote was accepted and the job list was as follows:

  • Fan operates but it’s noisy. It is also very clogged up with fluff, etc. It might be improved with a good clean up, but probably better to just replace it.
  • Tiles need re-grouting, sealant needs replacing.
  • Lighting needed replacing.
  • Ceiling needs mould killer, stain blocking and repainting.

It also involved our electrician, Dennis. Luckily I am able to work on site and undertake these jobs myself, having been on the FM team on the ground, when I first started at The Wigley Group.

In order to produce the best quality, it was decided that Dennis would go in first and replace the new extractor fan and lighting; Which left me with the decorating and grouting works. As you can see by the photos, mould was everywhere in the bathroom. As soon as the new fan was fitted you could feel the difference.

We repainted the whole bathroom and removed the old grout and re-grouted over. I changed the glass shower screen seal which was damaged, and re-siliconed the bath. All as per quotation. It’s always a pleasure working with Dennis (even though his jokes are terrible). The decoration was completed by the afternoon; the job was completed within 48 hours of the accepted quote.

The before and after pictures were sent off to the clients with conformation of completion of job. All parties were happy.

The job has to be now sent to our Financial Manager for invoicing.

Once again another professional job by our ever growing Facilities Team.
FM Job- before March



FM Job- after march